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Opals. One of Australia’s most sort after treasures. The brilliance of its’ iridescent colours makes the Australian Opal something to be prized. They’re beautiful to look at so what better way to show them off than to wear them. How you might ask? Well here at Awesome Jewellery we have these beautiful stones turn into spectacular Opal Jewellery Australia. We take our time to select only the finest to ensure you can be proud to wear your beautiful stone wherever you go.

Selecting opals can be a difficult thing to do and we know above all you want a high quality opal, at great prices. Below are some nifty ways to help yourself become better acquainted with the stone itself and just what kind of stones we sell online and in shop. Learn more about us

How is opal formed?

Opal is formed from a solution of silicon dioxide and water. As water runs down through the earth, it picks up silica from sandstone, and carries this silica-rich solution into cracks and voids. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind a silica deposit. The formation of these microscopic silica spheres determine how an opal is coloured. Larger silica spheres create a red colour whereas more common small silica spheres produce green and blue. The beautiful colours formed allow us to turn these exquisite gems into many different types of jewellery including opal rings and opal earrings.

How do you determine the value of opal?

Brightness, clarity, faults, body tone and pattern of an opal help to determine its overall value. There is no true set method for valuing opal (unlike diamonds) as each opal is extremely unique in terms of pattern, brightness and colour. However, a black opal with a dark body tone generally displays flashes of colour more brilliantly than a white opal which has a lighter body tone. This therefore would make a black opal more valuable than a white opal.

Any opal which displays a red (fire) colour is more valuable and rare than an opal with green or blue because this red colour occurs less frequently in nature. But really at the end of the day the value is truly determined by you, the buyer. We want you to fall in love with the piece you select. Because of this we source only the finest opals and have sold them to customers wanting opal jewellery Perth. To those living on on the east-coast of Australia want Opal Jewellery Gold Coast, Opal Jewellery Brisbane and customers all over the world including China, America and more.

What kinds of opal do you sell?


Which is a solid opal is the most common opal found in Australia and because of this as well as its light body tone it is worth less than black opal.


Is the most prized opal found in Australia because it is so rare and because of its dark body tone. Because of its high value in price we sell forms of this opal called a doublet opal. This basically means that the opal is cut into one thin layer of opal and backed with a strong piece of rock called an iron stone. Once set in jewellery it is very difficult to determine whether it is a solid or doublet opal.


Has a dark body tone and displays colour throughout its ironstone body brilliantly. It is the second most valuable opal found in Australia.

Where is your opal from?

WHITE OPAL is the most common opal found in Australia which is mostly mined in Coober Pedy.
BLACK OPAL is the rarest opal found in Australia and is mined in Lightning Ridge.
BOULDER OPAL is the second most valuable type of opal and is mined in Queensland.

What is your jewellery set in?

After handpicking our opals we have them set by hand in the highest quality .925 sterling silver

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